[Cg1] Rules for online submissions

Beata Turoňová beata.turonova at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 14:43:42 CET 2015


for those who were not present at the tutorials:

1) Name your submission in the following way:


2) Preferred way of submitting: upload your submission somewhere (dropbox,
box, google drive, oneDrive etc.) and send a link. The link should be to a
zip/rar file not a directory!
If you cannot or do not want to upload it then send it via email.

3) Make sure your submission contain everything necessary for compilation -
for both debug and release mode (always make sure your code compiles, runs,
and produces the images also in release mode!!!).

4) The submission may contain also rendered images.

5) The submission should *NOT* contain following:
       *.sdf files created by VS
       git (or similar) folders

>From now on, not following these rules will lead to subtraction of some


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