[Cg1] Re: Still can't build the project :(

Arsène Pérard-Gayot perard at cg.uni-saarland.de
Fri Oct 28 17:30:56 CEST 2016


Please do the following:

* Take the time to register to the mailing list (using your student  
address!). You cannot send a message to the list otherwise.
* Send your next messages to the cg1 list, so that anyone can benefit from it.

I have already sent a message to answer a question of another student  
on the mailing list who noticed he could not build the project. The  
project *as it is provided* only consists in a set of *header files*.  
It is not going to build until you provide an implementation.

Please use the mailing list. It is the only way I have to contact all  
of you, and this allows me to avoid repeating the answers over and  
over again. Additionally, try to be precise when you give a  
description of the error: Provide at least a copy of what you did and  
what you see. Otherwise, it is hard to give a solution or even figure  
out what the problem is.

Best regards,
   Arsène Pérard-Gayot

Quoting Oliver Braese <Oliver.Braese at gmx.de>:

> Hey Arsène,
> I’m trying now for hours to execute the Makefile, but still the same  
> old error. I Installed libpng on my mac, it’s all there, but it  
> seems to ignore it, it can’t find an reference to it. I googled  
> almost everything and I can’t find out, why it’s not working. Ahhh!   
> Maybe you have an idea to solve that issue..
> Kind regards,
> Oliver Braese

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