[Cg1] [Assignment 1] Given Function Mismatched to the Given Image Sample (Resend: Mail size Issue)

강효승 fordicus at naver.com
Sat Oct 29 23:10:16 CEST 2016

The given functions generates different result compared to the sample image for Julia.
As I guess, there could be some error in the given functions because we are not supposed to change them.
If anyone gives exact the same result to the sample, please post your result by link. 
Regarding cg1-mailing-system's capability, you won't put the images directly to the email.
Please check the link for image generation result >> http://maschine.systems/cg/ 
[ Left ] 256×256 image generated by the given functions below
  1. int julia(const Point& v, const Point& c)
  1.1 RGBColor a1computeColor(uint x, uint y, uint width, uint height)
  1.1.1 float a1computeWeight(float fx, float fy, const Point& c, float div)
        for your information, please check the data generated ( check http://maschine.systems/cg/ )
[ Right ] Given Image Sample from the Assignment sheet

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