[Cg1] Re: [Assignment 1] Given Function Mismatched to the Given Image Sample (Resend: Mail size Issue)

Pascal Grittmann s9pagrit at stud.uni-saarland.de
Sun Oct 30 12:33:19 CET 2016

The julia() function uses your vector, point, and color  
implementation. If your image is incorrect, a mistake in there is the  
most likely cause.


Zitat von 강효승 <fordicus at naver.com>:

> The given functions generates different result compared to the  
> sample image for Julia.
> As I guess, there could be some error in the given functions because  
> we are not supposed to change them.
> If anyone gives exact the same result to the sample, please post  
> your result by link.
> Regarding cg1-mailing-system's capability, you won't put the images  
> directly to the email.
> Please check the link for image generation result >>  
> http://maschine.systems/cg/
> [ Left ] 256×256 image generated by the given functions below
>   1. int julia(const Point& v, const Point& c)
>   1.1 RGBColor a1computeColor(uint x, uint y, uint width, uint height)
>   1.1.1 float a1computeWeight(float fx, float fy, const Point&  
> c, float div)
>         for your information, please check the data generated (  
> check http://maschine.systems/cg/ )
> [ Right ] Given Image Sample from the Assignment sheet

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