[Cg1] Results of the mid-term exam

Stefan Lemme lemme at cg.uni-saarland.de
Tue Dec 18 10:50:22 CET 2018


the results of the mid-term exam are online.
Please find them on the course page at 

If you achieved at least 12.0 points (40%), then you have passed the 
mid-term exam.
The students, that failed the mid-term and want to continue the CG1 
course, must take the mid-term re-exam.
The same applies to those students that were unable to attend the 
mid-term exam in the first place.

The mid-term exams can be inspected on Thursday, December 20nd 2018 3pm, 
in the seminar room of the CG chair.

The mid-term re-exam will take place on January, 8th 2019 2pm.
The details and schedule will be announced on short notice when the 
number of re-exams is fixed.

*Please let us know before Thursday, December 20nd 2018 11am if you want 
to take the mid-term re-exam.*

Best regards,
Stefan Lemme

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