[Cg1] Seventh assignment

Stefan Lemme lemme at cg.uni-saarland.de
Tue Dec 18 19:34:00 CET 2018


the seventh assignment is available online.
Please find it on the course page at 

Please copy the new files into your existing repository and amend the 
proper implementations.
By doing so, *please be aware that we changed the interface* of 
Solid::sample() in rt/solids/solid.h as well as LightHit in 
rt/lights/light.h in order to fix an issue in the exercise about area 
light sources.
Please adapt the interface of all derived solids accordingly to return a 

Moreover, *please fix previous issues* - eventually with the help of 
your tutors.
You will probably face further issues in upcoming assignments that are 
caused by previous one.


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