[Cg1] Re: Is multithreading allowed?

Stefan Lemme lemme at cg.uni-saarland.de
Fri Nov 2 11:31:40 CET 2018


yes, any kind of performance improvement is eligible as long as the 
original interface is kept.

When making changes to the assignment-xx.cmake files, please ensure they 
will work properly on Linux and Windows.


On 11/1/2018 6:18 PM, Leonhard Ferdinand Staut wrote:
> Hi all,
> it was mentioned in the lecture that ray tracing is "embarassingly 
> parallel".
> My question is whether we are allowed to use threads in the 
> programming assignments.
> For that we would in particular need to link against the threading 
> library.
> So to be specific, I'd like to add the following to assignment-01.cmake :
> list(APPEND CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "-pthread")
> Is this allowed?
> Cheers,
> Leo
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