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we hope you're making good progress with the first assignment.

For the practical assignments it is important that you ensure a working 
build, since we won't fix it for you.

On your respective repository page that was shared with you, you'll 
notice a mark right next to the last commit of each git push.
It indicates the success of the continuous integration pipeline. By 
clicking on that mark you'll get more information.

Please ensure the success of at least two stages (clone, build) and at 
best all three stages (clone, build, test).
Failing some tests indicate issues with your implementation and will 
most likely reduce the amount of points you'll receive.

*Failing the build stage may lead to failing the practical part of the 
assignment in general.**
*Hence, please verify that your produced code is working as expected.


On 10/29/2018 1:17 PM, Stefan Lemme wrote:
> Hello,
> the first assignment is available online.
> Please find it on the course page at 
> https://graphics.cg.uni-saarland.de/courses/cg1-2018/index.html#course-schedule
> For the practical part of the assignment, every should have received a 
> mail with his credentials to the repositories on 
> https://git.cg.uni-saarland.de/
> In case of any issues, please talk to your tutors or drop us a mail.
> For student without a partner yet, please drop us a mail as soon as 
> you teamed up.
> Even it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended.
> Best,
> Stefan
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