[Cg1] Re: Assignment 6 - Debug images

Arsène Pérard-Gayot perard at cg.uni-saarland.de
Wed Dec 11 17:18:06 CET 2019


These are testing images for the tutors. You can also use them to  
debug your code: They test filtering modes (bilinear and nearest), and  
boundary modes (clamp, mirror, and repeat). See main/a_textures.cpp:40.

Best regards,
   Arsène Pérard-Gayot

Quoting Lukas Selvaggio <s8luselv at stud.uni-saarland.de>:

> Hi,
> I was wondering what the images "a6-2d", "a6-2e", "a6-2f" are  
> supposed to look like? I don't see any references on the assignment  
> sheet.
> Best Regards,
> Lukas Selvaggio
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